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Au Pair Survey

About this Survey

BAPAA (British Au Pairs Agency Association) are conducting a series of formal reviews of the UK Au Pair sector, as part of its #saveaupairs campaign. 

We have commissoned an independent market research company, Surveygoo Limited, to undertake surveys and data collection exercises on our behalf, to support our activities to lobby the UK Government to protect the Au Pairs programme in the UK.

What we need from you

Please complete this survey. We only require aggregate data, not personal information. However, we will be asking permission to recontact people to follow up on the survey if further information is needed.

How we will protect your data

Surveygoo Limited are full members of the Market Research Society and adhere to Data Protection requirements. The data you provide will be analysed at an aggregate level, and your individual responses will not be shared with third parties, including BAPAA, without your permission.